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Every electronic device will want a bit of repair at some point. It is the most natural thing. Autonumis is a well-known and reputed refrigerator brand in the UK and Europe. You can get any modern bottle cooler or chiller from Autonumis. Autonumis products are strong and long-lasting. Besides, Autonumis provides a good period of warranty services to customers. But it becomes a problem for the owner to trust a repair service and hand over his expensive fridge when the warranty period is over. Any mistake or misjudgement of the repairer can damage your fridge forever. Moreover, your commercial fridge has a direct link with your business. Thus if it remains in a nonworking condition for several days, then it will cause you immense loss in your business. We understand your needs and requirements well and thus vow to give your speedy one-call repairs.

About Autonumis Refrigeration

Autonumis was established in 1962, and since then it is supplying every commercial and industrial-use refrigerator to the generations. Though the main factory is near Stroud in the southwest of England, the Autonumis refrigeration is in demand throughout the UK and Europe and the rest of the world as well. 

The decades of experience in fridge manufacturing and constant development according to market demands help Autonumis to rule from the top even now. Their refrigerated drink dispensers are best to install in any commercial bars and restaurants. You can deliver fresh orange or apple or pineapple juice to your customers with a push of a button only. The back bar bottle cooler range of Autonumis is also excellent. They are available in various sizes and shapes. You can take the one you need. They are extremely spacious and handy to use. 

Our Specialization in Autonumis Fridge Repairs

With our Autonumis engineer experts, we assure you to provide timely repair services at affordable prices. You will get full coverage of the money as we promise your guarantee on every repair. Our no fix no money policy is also with you. So you can blindly trust our experts and hand over your Autonumis fridge to us. We provide repair, and maintenance services to all sorts of Autonumis refrigerators. Also, we can fix any Autonumis refrigerators like- Autonumis chillers, bottle coolers, freezers, cold drink dispensers, and fridges. 

We not only maintain but also install and maintain Autonumis fridges. So if you want a new Autonumis fridge in your pub or restaurant, we are there for you. For any industrial and commercial installation, you can call us anytime, and our experts will reach you in record time.

Maintenance is also essential to keep your refrigerator work-efficient for a long. Timely maintenance can recognize any budding trouble in your refrigerator. Thus we also provide your maintenance packages. Therefore for hassle-free washing cleaning and routine check-up of your commercial refrigerator, you should call us.

The Bottom Line

Our years of experience in repairing services will minimize the risk of your product loss and damage. We replace parts only with the original company products to reduce the risk of breakdowns. We have fully stocked vans to provide you with service anytime you call. Our experienced experts can immediately figure out the fault and diagnosis it. So for the installation, maintenance, and repair of your Atonumis fridge, you can trust us completely.


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