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What Is Commercial Refrigeration?

There are major differences between domestic and commercial fridges, and you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that a domestic appliance can do the job of an industrial fridge. The main difference is that an industrial fridge or cold room such as you would find used for cold food storage for pubs, restaurants, cafés or hotels is designed to be opened and closed continuously, and will maintain its temperature in those conditions, while a domestic appliance is designed to remain closed most of the time and to be opened only very occasionally and for short periods. Brands such as Polar, Fagor, Blizzard and Foster Refrigerator specialise in this sort of design and will give the necessary technical support. But how do these requirements actually affect the design of industrial refrigeration units? Commercial refrigeration units are designed with high-power compressors which can reduce temperature quickly. They will also in most cases be fan assisted, helping them to distribute the optimal temperature throughout their interior. This does mean that they are likely to make more noise than a domestic appliance, one reason why a commercial fridge will not be suitable for a domestic role. The door designs of commercial fridges such as […]

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Why Is My Commercial Refrigerator Freezing?

If you are using a commercial fridge to store fresh food and drinks for your restaurant or café but find that they are freezing solid, there’s an obvious reason – the interior of the fridge is too cold. But what’s the cause of this, and do you need commercial fridge repairs? Maybe it’s a simple maintenance job you can do yourself or with the help of technical support, and you don’t need to call a mechanic. All the well-known commercial fridge brands commonly found in a restaurant or café work in basically the same way, whether you have a Polar, Blizzard, Fagor, or Foster refrigerator. If they fail and the food defrosts or is thawing, obviously you will need an emergency fridge repair or servicing, and you should search the internet for “commercial fridge repair near me”. But the opposite problem, of the fridge content freezing, maybe something you can sort out yourself. The problem could be something simple, like having the fridge temperature setting too low. Most fridge sections in commercial fridges will have settings from LOW to HIGH, or numerically from 1-10; try setting it to MEDIUM or 5. If it has an exact temperature setting, try setting […]

Posted 28/12/2019 by admin

How To Maintain A Commercial Fridge

If you are in the food business, whether you are running the smallest restaurant or café or the largest warehouse facility, you will understand the importance of a commercial refrigerator to your work. If you have a breakdown, it can affect your business badly. But commercial fridge repair is probably not something you can handle yourself. Before you need an emergency fridge repair, find yourself asking “Where can I find a commercial fridge repair near me?” and call on the services of a commercial refrigeration engineer or mechanic for technical support, there are some essential regular upkeep tasks you could do to maintain your fridge, freezer or cold room, keep your bills down and improve the efficiency of your commercial fridge.

Posted 29/11/2019 by admin

5 Early Signs You Need Commercial Refrigerator Service and Repair

Does your business rely on the proper functioning of a commercial refrigerator? If so, you understand the vital need to be sure you repair and service that refrigerator to keep business running smoothly. The question is, when is it time to get your refrigerator looked at? Not to worry, here are 5 early signs it’s time to get your commercial refrigerator repaired. 1. A Faulty Door We’ve all seen this happen, whether on your fridge at home, or your business’s commercial fridge, sometimes the door stops sealing shut as it should. When this happens, you know it’s a tell-tale sign to get your commercial refrigerator serviced. Without a door that seals completely, you run the risk of spoiling your food. The last thing your business needs is to have nasty tasting foods, or worse, spoiled food making customers ill. Of course, the seal on the door may not be the only sign it’s time to repair your fridge door. Any warping or problems with a misshaped exterior are also a good sign your door is getting too old and needs to be replaced or fixed. 2. Ice Is there ice lining the exterior of your fridge? If so, it’s a good […]

Posted 21/04/2019 by admin

Commercial Refrigeration Fridge repairs near me

There are many companies that provide commercial fridge repair for different brands of refrigeration. If you have a company that relies on a fridge, then Commercial Fridge Repair Services are vital to the running of your business. It doesn’t matter what brand of fridge you use, as most fridge engineers cater to a variety of makes. You can search online for companies that will provide Williams fridge repairs, Foster. fridge repairs etc. Engineers visit your business and fix the fridge on-site, allowing you to continue trading with minimal fuss. If you need Commercial fridge repairs, the company offers an aftercare package. If you prefer to use an engineer, experts in Commercial fridge repairs visit your business on-site. It is equally easy to find engineers who repair other brands of commercial fridges. Many engineers have experience with e full range of commercial fridges. They can provide servicing and maintenance for commercial fridges including Polar, Gram, Blizzard, Williams and Foster. There are many designs of commercial fridges. A restaurant may need a tall fridge whereas a retail outlet uses a glass door fridge. Bars need under-counter models and newsagents may use branded cold drink fridges. Supermarkets rely on fridges to display their chilled […]

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How to Eliminate Commercial Refrigerator Odor

There are a lot of commercial refrigerators that are in different commercial areas. These commercial refrigerators always need to be cleaned but most people forget about cleaning their refrigerators because they are too busy focusing on other aspects of your commercial building. There will be moments when some of the food that you have in your commercial fridge will not be removed for a long period of time. You could have forgotten that it is there or you have assumed that it was already removed when it was not. This is okay to a certain extent but if it has been there for quite a while, expect that a foul odor is going to start coming from your refrigerator. Even if you have already removed the item that caused the odor in the first place, the odor will stay for a long period of time. It can be enough to drive you nuts especially if you have tried to do everything to get rid of the odor. Get Rid of the Source of the Odor It is important that you get rid of the main source of the odor first. There are some food products that tend to smell days […]

Posted 30/12/2017 by admin

Why is it Important to Clean a Coil on a Commercial Fridge?

The coil of a commercial fridge is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the fridge and it must be kept clean as frequently as possible. By cleaning the coil on a regular basis, you will be saving lots of cash from repair of damages that can occur due to damaged coil or condenser. What does the coil in the fridge do? It helps to dissipate heat in the fridge and prevent accumulation of heat, which can have damaging effect on the fridge. When heat builds up in your fridge, the fridge will start sucking up electricity and this is not good for the fridge and your pocket. By cleaning the coil on regular basis, you can elongate the lifespan of the fridge and also protect the greenback in your purse from being dissipated faster than the speed of light. While the cleaning may not be done on daily basis, it must be done as regularly as possible. You can decide to prepare a schedule for fridge maintenance and make sure you properly clean the fridge coil during such maintenance. Positioning of the fridge coil differs from one brand of fridge to another. In some brands, the coil is […]

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How to Avoid Commercial Refrigeration Breakdown

Maintenance is the only way to keep your refrigerator working perfectly. If you must avoid refrigerator breakdowns, then you must ensure consistent maintenance. You must also ensure you implement commercial fridge repairs as often as necessary and without any delay whatsoever. With proper maintenance and timely repair, you can extend the lifespan of the ice machine, chillers, freezers, and coolers and get better value on every dime you spent on buying them. Not to worry; there are several reliable outlets providing commercial fridge repair services and you can link up with them to get the maintenance and repairs done if the refrigerator ever breaks down. Importance of Maintenance Maintenance helps prevent emergency repairs. Do not forget that this refrigerator is used for commercial purposes. Emergency repairs can hamper your business, though momentarily. With frequent maintenance, however, you will never have to suffer such. The maintenance can be scheduled to fall within the off-peak business period. You will be able to guide against major component failure, like condenser fan motors or compressors going bad. Never again will you have to experience dirty coil problems if you consistently maintain the refrigerator. Commercial refrigerator breakdown can be due to any of the points […]

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Everything about commercial fridge repairs

From time to time you will come to realize that your refrigerator might not necessarily be cooling down items properly, or as well as it has been doing over the past. In such cases, you will need to get Williams fridge repairs to help you out. More often this is something that gets a lot of people off guard, and you barely know what you need to do to make things right again. In such situations, it is important to know some of the diagnostics that could actually help you out a great deal, and make sure that you are ready for foster fridge repairs, to ensure your refrigerator is back in operation. There are some preliminary tests that you can run which will eventually go a long way in making sure that your fridge remains in top working condition. The following are some of the simple steps that you will be advised to look into from Williams fridge repairs:   Check the power At times you might think that your fridge is damaged and you need foster fridge repairs to help you out, but in the real sense perhaps only the power cable has not been plugged in correctly. […]

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