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Caravell Refrigeration, 50 Years of Service

Those of us in the business of caravell fridge repairs know that the number of years a manufacturer has been manufacturing freezers and refrigerators does have an effect on the general quality of its products. The caravel brand has been with us for about 50 years, they have had enough time to go through the learning curve; reinventing themselves many times over. It is therefore no surprise that they are one of the most respected companies in the industry.

Why You Should Get a Caravell Refrigeration Product

Over the years, Caravell has manufactured hundreds of refrigeration products. Presently, there is an impressive portfolio of refrigeration products that has been designed to meet diverse needs of different customers. Caravell not only aims to meet your needs, but also the needs of your own customers, if you use the fridge or refrigerators for your bar, kitchen, or restaurant.

So if you need a chest freezer, or a place to store your ice cream or beverages, Caravell has a wide range of products, different models designed specifically to meet each of those needs. The best part is that, if there is ever a mechanical fault, it is never difficult for us to get the needed spare parts when we offer caravell fridge repairs to our numerous customers. This is something that can prove difficult for some less popular brands.

When one of our customers contacted us for caravell fridge repairs, and we asked her location, we were surprised to find out that she was in a completely different continent. This goes to show that the caravel brand is not a local brand, in fact, the company’s products are available in almost every continent; 80 countries, with a turnout of over one and half million product units every year.

In every one of the 80 countries where Caravell is established, there are enough places to get caravell fridge repairs. Here in the United Kingdom, we provide the best repair services. Our engineers are very good at repairing all caravel products, a skill they have acquired after many years of repairing different products manufactured by Caravell.


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