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Foster Refrigeration is the pioneer name in the world of freezers and coolers. They are the first manufacturers of commercial refrigerators in the UK. They are the pioneers in inventing blast chillers and commercial freezers. 

And from then they are leading the market with sincerity and professionalism. They regularly give scope for re-innovations and produce up to date products according to the market needs. This is the main reason behind their worldwide success. 

They constantly challenge themselves to create eco-friendly, energy-efficient, reliable, and affordable freezers for all. Apart from the cabinet and upside fridges, they manufacture ice machines, walk-in cold rooms, multideck displays, and of course, blast chillers. 

There are varieties of sizes and shapes of fridges according to your purpose, needs, and budget. So if you are still wondering whether to trust Foster Refrigeration or not, here are some suggestions for you. Take a look and decide. 


Pro Multideck Display Fridges: Best to Showcase Frozen Foods

If you are the owner of a stationery shop and interested to sell frozen foods, then get yourself this. This multi deck chiller has five display levels to store maximum materials inside. This display refrigerator ranges from 900mm pro multi deck to the very spacious 1800mm pro multi deck. 

All of them have removable and adjustable shelves for easy cleaning and storing. They also have varieties of stylish designs, for example, the popular 1200mm roller shutter. All the foster Refrigeration comes with 2 years warranty on parts. 

It has full-length vertical LED lights. These lights are 10 times longer than fluorescent lights and can emit a fraction of heat output. The extra-wide glass end panels help in the display visibility. 

So your customers can easily watch and choose the food item they want without opening the fridge doors.

Foster Refrigeration - Multideck Display


Chilled Water Dispensers: For Soothing Cool Drinking Waters

 In a restaurant or bar, you will have to serve fresh and refreshing drinking water along with meals. For cooling drinking water, making ice cubes, ice flakes, etc., foster Refrigeration manufactures a variety of water dispensers. 

With the latest and improved cooling technology, you can chill and iced water within minutes by touching a button. The unique user-friendly electro-mechanical controls will reduce your struggle and time. 

The ice makers also have a unique feature named the flush system. This feature will enable you to serve completely pure water or ice to your customers as it removes impurities in water. 

So, take a look at the water dispenser range of Foster Refrigeration and grab your suitable one.


Walk-In Fridges or Cold Rooms: Your Ultimate Choice

Cold rooms are especially for industrial uses of food preservations and food processing. But foster Refrigeration produces medium-range cold rooms for commercial usage too. For a five star restaurant or a grand bar, it is not unfamiliar. 

They require a big storage room to store lots of frozen meals at a time. Buying lots of freezers will not help in such cases. Here you will need a big cold room or walk-in fridges. Here you can completely trust and invest your money in Foster Refrigeration. The cold room doors also have many options out of which you can choose your suitable one. 

The cold room floors are all insulated, and the walls are constructed from 1200mm wide modular panels. Each panel joins together with cam-operated locks. Also, they use silicone sealer to prevent any ingress of moisture. 

So, for a heavy-duty task, you must trust the company with years of experience and goodwill. And in this case, Foster Refrigeration has no competition. 

Foster Refrigeration - XR-3-H-Xtra Refrigerated Counter


Modular Blast Chillers: the Best Thing You Can Get for Your Shop

Foster refrigeration is the inventor of blast chillers; thus, no one can match their excellence in blast chillers. They produce 75kg, 100kg, 150kg, and 250kg variants in blast chillers so that you can select your one according to your need. 

The looks and other features are all the same in all these 4 variants, and only the size is different. All of them have energy-efficient and user-friendly fans to blow chilled air. The fans automatically stop when you open the blast chiller to save energy and give you total control of the cook-chill process. 

The chilling capacity of these blast chillers is from 70⁰C to 3⁰C in less than 90 minutes. The foster circular air circulation system enables uniform chilling inside the freezer. All these unique features make the Foster Refrigeration blast chillers the best in the market.

The Bottom Line

For their excellent performance and consistency Foster refrigeration is the supplier for the UK royal estate. Foster Refrigeration earns the royal warrant for supplying commercial Refrigeration and serving the royal family proudly for 25 years. 

Apart from the royal family, the Foster Refrigeration is also the first choice of most of the leading chefs and luxury hotels. So you can rely on them blindly. So visit them online or drive to your nearest showroom to get your desired freezer.


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