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Not all kinds of refrigerators can serve your commercial refrigeration needs perfectly. Some refrigerators are best applied for simple home use, while some other ones are the best to buy if the refrigerator will be required for commercial purposes like in a restaurant or hotel. Some refrigerators do not have commercial value and using them for such a purpose will damage them quickly, which will negatively impact your business. Many factors need to be considered before you make your choice among the various brands available in the market. In this write-up, you will get to learn about certain important things to consider when choosing the right refrigerator for your commercial needs.

What features would you want?

If the refrigerator is to be used for commercial purposes, like in hotels and restaurants, certain features must be present in it. Find out if the fridge has some of the basic features, like door compartments, crisper drawers, and shelves for easy arrangement of the various items to be stored in it. In a restaurant or a hotel, lot of items will need to be stored in the refrigerator. As a result, you need a refrigerator with a roomy interior that will provide adequate space to keep your foods fresh and cold for as long as you want. Some of the other features to consider in a commercial refrigerator are highlighted below

  • Enclosed condenser coils
  • Auto-defrosting functions
  • Moisture controls
  • Adjustable controls for crisper drawers
  • Soda-can dispenser
  • Spill-proof shelving
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Water dispensers

While choosing any of these additional features in your fridge, it is also very important to consider the additional cost it may bring when shopping for commercial refrigeration. Never also forget that these features differ from one model or brand of the fridge to another. However, only a few refrigerators will have all the features mentioned above in just a brand.

Consider the brand

There are many brands of refrigerator out there today with each of them having specific features that make it reliable for use in hotels and restaurants for commercial refrigeration. The brand matters a lot when shopping for the refrigerator. It is in your best interest to buy only brands you can trust. Consider only those brands that can provide none compromised quality and value at the best possible price. It is good to read up reviews about the various brands on sale before you make your choice among them. If any particular brand is known to develop fault often, you should steer clear of such brand. Opt for brands known for ruggedness to enable you to sue such brands for a very long time.

Availability of spares and accessories

One other very important consideration to keep in mind when buying a refrigerator for commercial purpose is the availability of spare parts and accessories. If the refrigeration equipment and accessories for that particular brand are not easy to buy, it is better to look for another brand with easily available accessories. As a result, you will not be left confused and dismayed if any of the parts develop a fault in the future and needs to be replaced. If you are a newbie when it comes to buying commercial refrigerators, you can ask the outlets selling the refrigerators about the availability of spare parts and accessories for that brand. Better still, you can read up reviews about that brand online. Most of these reviews would have been written by those already using that same brand of commercial refrigerator, and they can give you hints on the availability of spare parts and the general reliability of the refrigerator brand.

Warranty also important

The extent of the warranty gives a hint about the reliability of that brand of refrigerator. The extent shows how much the manufacturer trusts the brand and it also indicates how much hope you can reside in the brand. Reliable and long lasting brands of refrigerator best for hotels and restaurants will come with the long warranty period. During the warranty period, you can have access to free repairs and service provided you do not tamper with the refrigerator and also abide by all the terms and conditions of the warranty. The warranty period also covers for refrigeration equipment and you will never have to spend a time to repair and service the fridge during the warranty period.

When looking for the right brand to buy, look for those brands that come with up to three-year warranty. Also, find out if the warranty comes with labor coverage. Anything short of this does not deserve consideration when looking for the right brand to buy for commercial refrigeration.


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