Inomak Fridge Repairs

The Commitment of Inomak Refrigeration to Customer Satisfaction

For any brand that hopes to compete favorably in the food service equipment industry, especially in the commercial refrigerator production sector, customer satisfaction must be the watch word. Inomak not only produces refrigeration products of high quality but they also go the extra mile to ensure spare-parts are easily accessible for Inomak fridge repairs. Apart from fridges, any refrigeration product you buy from Inomak can be repaired easily by our highly trained engineers because of the high standards with which the products were manufactured.

When you want to buy any food service equipment, one of the things you should pay attention to is the quality of the materials the manufacturer uses in production. Inomak for example uses the highest quality steel, the stainless steel AISI 304 that doesn’t corrode or crack easy, this keeps the refrigerators looking new after many years. Also, the technological components of all their fridges and refrigerators are in compliance with relevant guidelines of the ISO. With a product from this company, your hardly need repairs and when you do need Inomak fridge repairs, contact us and we will help to restore your fridge to its original functionality at a reasonable price.

What Type of Inomak Refrigeration Products Can We Repair?

Inomak has been around for a while, so they have a wide range of products. We are aware that some technicians are more comfortable working with one brand or model than others; this is because of the difference in technicality of each of these machines. However, we are able to repair all the different refrigerator models from Inomak.

Here is a broad categorization of the Inomak products we have repaired in the past.

Upright Refrigerators

This class includes chillers, glass door upright refrigerators and freezers. You may have one of these in your kitchen or restaurant.

Refrigerated Counters

If you need repairs for the series 70, series 60 or the snack series, you are in the right place.



There are about 5 or 6 different models of the Saladettes, we are capable of repairing each and every one of these models.

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