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What Is Commercial Refrigeration?

There are major differences between domestic and commercial fridges, and you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that a domestic appliance can do the job of an industrial fridge. The main difference is that an industrial fridge or cold room such as you would find used for cold food storage for pubs, restaurants, cafés or hotels is designed to be opened and closed continuously, and will maintain its temperature in those conditions, while a domestic appliance is designed to remain closed most of the time and to be opened only very occasionally and for short periods. Brands such as Polar, Fagor, Blizzard and Foster Refrigerator specialise in this sort of design and will give the necessary technical support. But how do these requirements actually affect the design of industrial refrigeration units? Commercial refrigeration units are designed with high-power compressors which can reduce temperature quickly. They will also in most cases be fan assisted, helping them to distribute the optimal temperature throughout their interior. This does mean that they are likely to make more noise than a domestic appliance, one reason why a commercial fridge will not be suitable for a domestic role. The door designs of commercial fridges such as […]

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