5 Early Signs You Need Commercial Refrigerator Service and Repair

  Posted 21/04/2019    by admin

5 Early Signs You Need Commercial Refrigerator Service and Repair

Does your business rely on the proper functioning of a commercial refrigerator? If so, you understand the vital need to be sure you repair and service that refrigerator to keep business running smoothly.

The question is, when is it time to get your refrigerator looked at?

Not to worry, here are 5 early signs it’s time to get your commercial refrigerator repaired.

1. A Faulty Door

We’ve all seen this happen, whether on your fridge at home, or your business’s commercial fridge, sometimes the door stops sealing shut as it should.

When this happens, you know it’s a tell-tale sign to get your commercial refrigerator serviced. Without a door that seals completely, you run the risk of spoiling your food.

The last thing your business needs is to have nasty tasting foods, or worse, spoiled food making customers ill.

Of course, the seal on the door may not be the only sign it’s time to repair your fridge door. Any warping or problems with a misshaped exterior are also a good sign your door is getting too old and needs to be replaced or fixed.

2. Ice

Is there ice lining the exterior of your fridge? If so, it’s a good early sign that there’s a problem. Have your fridge checked immediately so you can avoid a more serious issue.

If you spot ice in your freezer, forming on the door, or on the evaporator coil, this likely means that your freezer/fridge isn’t getting enough airflow. This may be caused by over-stocking your freezer or fridge.

Regardless of the amount of food your fridge contains, ice build-up is an important early sign that it’s time to service your fridge.

3. Weird Temperatures

If your fridge is having trouble maintaining the proper temperature, it’s a good sign something is off. Sometimes the door may seem warm, indicating that your fridge needs more refrigerant.

Condensation on the fridge or inside it is also a good indicator that temperature issues are occurring.

When in doubt, always ask a professional commercial fridge technician to take a look. Adding more refrigerant may be simple, but it’s a potentially dangerous chemical best handled by a professional.

4. Water Leakage

Surprisingly, many business owners either do not notice or do not become concerned about water puddles beneath their commercial refrigerators.

Frequently moving your fridge to clean and check for issues is important to prevent costly problems.

If you happen to find water puddles or buildup happening beneath or around your fridge, this could mean a number of things: problems with the seal or gasket, a full evaporation pan, or a full drainage hose.

Whatever the reason, you don’t want mold building up in or around your fridge. Time for a service!

5. An Oddly High Energy Bill

If your energy bill has suddenly hit the roof, it’s probably something to do with your fridge’s efficiency.

Having a commercial fridge serviceman take a look can save you big bucks in the long run.

Commercial Refrigerator Repairs

Taking proper care of your company refrigerator may not only be a valuable way to save money but for many business owners, it’s essential to managing their business.

For more helpful hints and tips on caring for your commercial refrigerator, browse our blog.

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