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Why Is My Commercial Refrigerator Freezing?

If you are using a commercial fridge to store fresh food and drinks for your restaurant or café but find that they are freezing solid, there’s an obvious reason – the interior of the fridge is too cold. But what’s the cause of this, and do you need commercial fridge repairs? Maybe it’s a simple maintenance job you can do yourself or with the help of technical support, and you don’t need to call a mechanic. All the well-known commercial fridge brands commonly found in a restaurant or café work in basically the same way, whether you have a Polar, Blizzard, Fagor, or Foster refrigerator. If they fail and the food defrosts or is thawing, obviously you will need an emergency fridge repair or servicing, and you should search the internet for “commercial fridge repair near me”. But the opposite problem, of the fridge content freezing, maybe something you can sort out yourself. The problem could be something simple, like having the fridge temperature setting too low. Most fridge sections in commercial fridges will have settings from LOW to HIGH, or numerically from 1-10; try setting it to MEDIUM or 5. If it has an exact temperature setting, try setting […]

Posted 28/12/2019 by admin

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