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5 Early Signs You Need Commercial Refrigerator Service and Repair

Does your business rely on the proper functioning of a commercial refrigerator? If so, you understand the vital need to be sure you repair and service that refrigerator to keep business running smoothly. The question is, when is it time to get your refrigerator looked at? Not to worry, here are 5 early signs it’s time to get your commercial refrigerator repaired. 1. A Faulty Door We’ve all seen this happen, whether on your fridge at home, or your business’s commercial fridge, sometimes the door stops sealing shut as it should. When this happens, you know it’s a tell-tale sign to get your commercial refrigerator serviced. Without a door that seals completely, you run the risk of spoiling your food. The last thing your business needs is to have nasty tasting foods, or worse, spoiled food making customers ill. Of course, the seal on the door may not be the only sign it’s time to repair your fridge door. Any warping or problems with a misshaped exterior are also a good sign your door is getting too old and needs to be replaced or fixed. 2. Ice Is there ice lining the exterior of your fridge? If so, it’s a good […]

Posted 21/04/2019 by admin

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