Why is it Important to Clean a Coil on a Commercial Fridge?

  Posted 29/01/2017    by admin

Why is it Important to Clean a Coil on a Commercial Fridge?

The coil of a commercial fridge is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the fridge and it must be kept clean as frequently as possible. By cleaning the coil on a regular basis, you will be saving lots of cash from repair of damages that can occur due to damaged coil or condenser. What does the coil in the fridge do? It helps to dissipate heat in the fridge and prevent accumulation of heat, which can have damaging effect on the fridge. When heat builds up in your fridge, the fridge will start sucking up electricity and this is not good for the fridge and your pocket.

By cleaning the coil on regular basis, you can elongate the lifespan of the fridge and also protect the greenback in your purse from being dissipated faster than the speed of light. While the cleaning may not be done on daily basis, it must be done as regularly as possible. You can decide to prepare a schedule for fridge maintenance and make sure you properly clean the fridge coil during such maintenance.
Positioning of the fridge coil differs from one brand of fridge to another. In some brands, the coil is positioned at the back of the fridge, while in some other brands, you can find the coil positioned under the fridge. Wherever the coil is located does not matter; what matters is that you should make sure they are cleaned as often as possible. Some experts think the cleaning can be done twice in a year, while another school of thought believes once a year cleaning is just enough to keep the fridge functioning perfectly and reduce how much you have to spend on electricity. Whatever, the case may be, make sure you clean the coil at least once in a year.

Efficiency of the fridge coil can be reduced when it gets stuck with dirt and various flotsams, like cooking grease and pet hair. You can prevent such reduction in efficiency by properly cleaning the coil as frequently as you can make it. When these items get stuck in the coil, the “poor boy” will have to work extra hard to keep the fridge cool and it will be forced to consume even more power in the process.
Aside from reduction in efficiency and excess consumption of electricity that usually results from such problems, the compressor in the fridge can also get affected by the reduced efficiency and forced labor being experienced. Consequently, the compressor in the fridge may burn out, leading to more damage and forcing you to dole out scarce greenback to effect essential repair on the fridge.

Simple cleaning process
You do not have to be an expert in fridge repair to be able to clean the fridge coil and keep your fridge functional and efficient. The process is so simple that even your 7-year-old can do it. However, make sure you first unplug the fridge from the main power source before you start out with the cleaning.

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