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There are many companies that provide commercial fridge repair for different brands of refrigeration. If you have a company that relies on a fridge, then Commercial Fridge Repair Services are vital to the running of your business. It doesn’t matter what brand of fridge you use, as most fridge engineers cater to a variety of makes.

You can search online for companies that will provide Williams fridge repairs, Foster. fridge repairs etc. Engineers visit your business and fix the fridge on-site, allowing you to continue trading with minimal fuss.

If you need Commercial fridge repairs, the company offers an aftercare package. If you prefer to use an engineer, experts in Commercial fridge repairs visit your business on-site.

It is equally easy to find engineers who repair other brands of commercial fridges. Many engineers have experience with e full range of commercial fridges. They can provide servicing and maintenance for commercial fridges including Polar, Gram, Blizzard, Williams and Foster.

There are many designs of commercial fridges. A restaurant may need a tall fridge whereas a retail outlet uses a glass door fridge. Bars need under-counter models and newsagents may use branded cold drink fridges.

Supermarkets rely on fridges to display their chilled goods. All these fridges need to be serviced, maintained and repaired in a timely fashion by a fridge repair service that is close by.


Any fridge can go wrong, and if this happens in a commercial kitchen, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Commercial fridge engineers are extremely experienced in the components and workings of commercial fridges. They attend to your repair needs on the same day if required, or at a time to suit you.

Polar fridge

If you have a business that has a Polar fridge, there are numerous Polar fridge repairs services that advertise their services online. Some advertise themselves as experts in Polar fridge repair services, and they have expert knowledge on the variances of a Polar fridge.

If your Polar fridge is within the guarantee period, a Polar engineer will come to your kitchen. Polar fridge repairs are carried out by authorised engineers near to you if the fridge is out of its guarantee period. A list of authorized service providers is listed on their website.

Gram fridge

A Gram fridge is very energy efficient and popular in commercial kitchens. If you need a Gram fridge repairs engineer, they will have the necessary spare parts and components necessary to repair your Gram fridge.

Gram provides refrigeration services for all styles of restaurants. The products are made in Denmark, where the company is based. However, they have dedicated customer service teams in the UK and other countries where their products are sold.

Gram offers a range of tips and advice on their website, so you can fix or identify problems yourself. For instance, if there is an error code on your fridge, mention it to the engineer before he arrives.

Blizzard fridge

If you have a Blizzard fridge in your business, there are Blizzard fridge repairs services that will attend to your business to fix the problem.

Blizzard fridges are commonplace in shops, bars, and retail outlets. They also produce cold rooms and other commercial fridges.

For commercial fridges in supermarkets or other shops, it is important to be able to provide quick service. Customers do not want to be inconvenienced if repairs need to be carried out in store. Therefore, engineers need to be able to attend repairs quickly and carry out repairs quickly and discreetly.

Often engineers offer a guarantee on parts installed. If you prefer to buy spare parts yourself, you can purchase them online individually.

Common problems with commercial fridges include:

Power issues

Firstly, if there are power issues with a commercial fridge, check localised power supplies. Extension leads should never be used for commercial fridges and can invalidate some warranties.

Temperature problems

Commercial fridges will routinely have a thermometer inside. Often there is an LED display panel on the outside of the fridge. It is easy to tell if the temperature is not correct from these displays. Foodstuffs or drinks may feel warmer than you would like. This is also an indication that the temperature function is not working properly.

The temperature displays may be broken, so contact the engineer with the serial number of the fridge, and they can replace this easily. Ducts and vents can be blocked, so this may be the source of the problem.

Faulty compressor

The compressor is vital to keeping the fridge cold. It must be cleaned regularly, so check this is cleaned as often as recommended. If the compressor breaks, the fridge will not chill, so an engineer must be called out.

Broken lights

Lights may not seem like a major problem with a fridge, but lighting can be vital. If the fridge is in a retail outlet or bar, it needs to be working correctly. Some brands of commercial fridge using LED lighting. Others use bulbs that need to be manufacturer-approved. If in doubt call the engineer.

Broken door seals or gaskets

Door seals (or gaskets) maintain the temperature and efficient closing of fridge doors. If the seal is damaged or broken, it can lead to bacterial infection entering the fridge. If the door does not close properly, the temperature will rise. Therefore, it is important to check the seals and ensure that an engineer is called out if they need replacing.

Evaporator fan not working

If a fridge is icing up, the evaporator is not functioning correctly. The fridge needs to be turned off to defrost the ice. The evaporator needs to be cleaned and the pressure checked. More technical issues can be dealt with an engineer.

All these issues can be fixed by a professional engineer, and all are vital for the efficient running of your commercial fridge. If you are perplexed by the problem, manufacturer manuals or websites offer troubleshooting guides to identify common issues.

Commercial Fridge Repair Service near me


Regular maintenance is important for commercial refrigeration. Engineers need to carry out a thorough check during maintenance, to ensure that all components work effectively. Regular checks increase the lifespan of a commercial fridge.

Often the compressor in the commercial fridge fails. Often the reason for this is poor ventilation or poor positioning of the fridge. A commercial fridge’s optimum position is away from cooking equipment. A position with maximum airflow is ideal, such as close to a window or door.

The thermostat on the fridge needs to be set correctly. If it is too high it can overheat, if it is too low food may not be chilled adequately.

Regular cleaning is important for a commercial fridge. Fridges can be overfilled, and leaks occur in a busy cooking space. It is advisable to use appropriate cleaning products that are specifically designed for the fridge in question. The fridge must be cleaned inside and out, and door seals and gaskets must be cleaned as well.

The condenser filter must be cleaned as well to compensate for regular opening and gases and matter in the air that can block it. Keep it free from dust and dirt if possible and clean regularly.

Cover items that are not packaged. Leakages can corrode parts of the fridge.

Vent holes should be kept clear and the fridge should not be overpacked.

The fridge must then be dried thoroughly.

Prevention is better than cure, so regular maintenance is a cost-effective way of prolonging the durability of your commercial fridge.


Regular servicing is important for a commercial fridge. If you want a long lifespan for your commercial fridge, it is vital to keep it in good order.

Whether the fridge is in a school, restaurant or hospital, it is paramount to have a fridge that is regularly serviced and working to its best possible performance.

It is important for a business to have a well-serviced fridge in order to comply with legal regulations.

Walk in commercial fridges can also be serviced and need to be maintained regularly in order to function efficiently.

Often a guarantee will customers a regular service. This should be completed annually or whenever the manufacturer recommends it.


it is vital to keep a commercial fridge at the correct temperature to comply with legal regulations.

If a foodstuff needs to be chilled quickly, a blast chiller is available. This is vital if foodstuffs need to be chilled quickly.

Blast chillers are also useful if items have been delivered to your premises. The delivery process may raise the temperature of the food slightly. It is therefore important to chill the food, to the desired temperature, as quickly as possible.

They are useful for safely chilling cooked food quickly. It can then be stored at the required temperature without the fear of bacterial contamination.

Chilling food in a commercial environment is vital. It is a legal requirement to keep fridges at a certain temperature.

The temperature of a fridge can be affected by the constant opening and closing of doors. Overfilling the fridge can increase the temperature as well. Air must be allowed to circulate in the fridge.

There are laws governing food preparation and storage and officials who randomly check these are being adhered to.

Commercial kitchens are subject to rigorous scrutiny and can be closed down if laws are not kept. Regular checks must be done to make sure fridges are working consistently.

Keeping cool – commercial refrigeration near me

Commercial fridges are large, static items, so any repair or maintenance needs to be done on-site. It is important to have a commercial fridge repair engineer near your business. Finding a reliable engineer who is well versed in the components of your brand of the fridge is vital.

When your fridge is first installed, it is wise to contact an engineer as soon as possible. It is impossible to judge when a fridge will need repairs, so having a contact in mind is helpful.

If you want to find a commercial fridge engineer near your home, an online search is a great idea. There are lists of local engineers who cover your area online, so search for a local engineer who covers repairs to your brand of fridge.

An engineer that is local to you, is important so that they can arrive quickly. When your fridge fails, it is important to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Hotels, hospitals, and schools rely on commercial fridges. It is impossible to run an effective, healthy kitchen without one.

For care providers like care homes or medical facilities, local service providers are vital. A directory or online search will provide information on local engineers.

Engineers are available countrywide, so it should not be difficult to find one in your area. If you are struggling to find an engineer, contact the manufacturer and they can offer suggestions of local authorised professionals.

So, to summarise, if you have a commercial fridge, it is worth investing time to look after it. Regular servicing and maintenance help prolong the life of your fridge. A commercial fridge is a massive investment, and it is cost-effective to look after the fridge rather than face the cost of replacement.

If something does go wrong with the fridge, an engineer should be called quickly. It is worthwhile finding a local engineer as soon as the fridge is installed.

Whatever make of fridge you have installed, you should be able to find a compatible engineer in your area. Make sure you find a professional if possible recommended by the manufacturer.

Parts and spares should be fully compatible with the brand of fridge you have. Regular cleaning of parts will help keep the fridge in good working order. If you follow the manufacturer’s advice on maintenance, you will enhance the longevity of your fridge.

Many outlets have multiple fridges on their premises. Regularly servicing can avoid a breakdown at an inopportune moment. Whatever type of fridge you have, it is important to keep it working in optimum condition and look after it.

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