How to Avoid Commercial Refrigeration Breakdown

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How to Avoid Commercial Refrigeration Breakdown

Maintenance is the only way to keep your refrigerator working perfectly. If you must avoid refrigerator breakdowns, then you must ensure consistent maintenance. You must also ensure you implement commercial fridge repairs as often as necessary and without any delay whatsoever. With proper maintenance and timely repair, you can extend the lifespan of the ice machine, chillers, freezers, and coolers and get better value on every dime you spent on buying them. Not to worry; there are several reliable outlets providing commercial fridge repair services and you can link up with them to get the maintenance and repairs done if the refrigerator ever breaks down.

Importance of Maintenance

Maintenance helps prevent emergency repairs. Do not forget that this refrigerator is used for commercial purposes. Emergency repairs can hamper your business, though momentarily. With frequent maintenance, however, you will never have to suffer such. The maintenance can be scheduled to fall within the off-peak business period. You will be able to guide against major component failure, like condenser fan motors or compressors going bad. Never again will you have to experience dirty coil problems if you consistently maintain the refrigerator.

Commercial refrigerator breakdown can be due to any of the points highlighted below:

  • Increased amp draw and electrical consumption caused by longer run time, which is occasioned by the dirty condenser.
  • Burning of wiring occasioned by excessive amp draw, which is due to dirty condenser coils and high head pressure.
  • Capillary tubing restriction due to refrigerant oil fouling and overheating
  • Compressor failure occasioned by excessive head pressure and dirty condenser coil.
  • Thermostat failure due to excessive amp draw, which is occasioned by the dirty condenser coil
  • Fan motors fail due to dirty coils, which restricts airflow.

Any of the above can be prevented via frequent maintenance. However, you can always trust commercial fridge repair experts to help bring the refrigerator back to life if any of the faults mentioned above do occur.

In order to prevent commercial refrigerator breakdown, you need to pay close and consistent attention to the condenser. Over time, it has been noticed that most of the faults occurring in refrigerators are due to nothing other than blocked or dirty condensers. It is therefore very important that the maintenance work focuses more on the condenser. The condensers are made to last for a long time. They should be cleaned properly on each occasion of maintenance. After they have reached the end of their lifespan, they should be changed before they start showing signs of damage, which may culminate in commercial refrigeration breakdowns.

The condenser functions by condensing the refrigerant sent in from the compressor in the commercial fridge. Less heat transfer occurs in a refrigerator with a broken down or dirty condenser, which may occasion commercial refrigerator repairs. The major repair required at this point is only a total removal of the condensers; this should resolve the associated problems. Such a simple resolution is only possible if the problem is detected on time and the solution affected before things get to a head. However, you may have worse faults on your hand if you fail to institute such replacement on time. Things can go so bad to the extent of condemning the refrigerator to permanent damage. All these troubles can be averted by implementing frequent maintenance on the commercial refrigerator.

A blocked condenser leads to heat accumulation inside it. Its temperature will rise as a result and a situation will arise in which there is little or no difference between the surrounding air and the condensing temperatures. Consequently, heat will be rejected from the condenser by the surrounding. Higher condenser pressure will result and the compression ratio will rise. At the end of it all, the refrigeration system will run inefficiently. This can culminate in commercial refrigeration breakdowns.

Commercial refrigeration breakdowns can become so complicated at times that you may need to do a total overhaul of the commercial refrigerator. This heartache can however be prevented by simple and consistent maintenance. Look for cooling solution specialists around your neighborhood to help maintain your refrigerator to ensure the problems outlined above do not come up. Even if any of the problems do come up leading to the breakdown of your refrigerator, you will still need the service of these professionals to help carry out commercial refrigerator repairs

While maintaining or repairing the commercial refrigerator, make sure the service provider also pays close attention to all parts of the refrigerator and also consider things from various perspectives to ensure a holistic repair process is implemented. Proper maintenance will help prevent future problems associated with low temperature, medium temperature, ultra-low temperature, environmental chambers, processed chillers, walk-in coolers, freezers, and ice machine problems.

The caliber of service provider you employ for the maintenance and repair of your commercial refrigerator also goes a long way to determining if your commercial refrigerator breaks down or not. If you need to carry out commercial refrigerator repairs, it is in your best interest to work only with top-quality and reliable service providers. Some rookies may end up causing more faults in the refrigerator, but you can prevent this by giving the repair or maintenance task only to qualified technicians.

Before you hand over the commercial refrigerator maintenance to any technician, take some time to investigate how reliable or otherwise they are. This will ensure a complete maintenance job is carried out on the refrigerator and will also ensure the refrigerator does not break down in the nearest future. Consider the points below when looking for a reliable maintenance technician for your commercial refrigerator.

  • Do not rush: Take your time to ask around and investigate them properly before making up your mind on who to employ.
  • Ask around about the reliability: of the maintenance service provider so as to prevent the possibility of commercial refrigeration breakdowns.
  • Your realtor may be able to help out: So, place a call to your realtor before finalizing who to employ for the maintenance.
  • Online research can help a lot: Take some time to investigate them online before you employ them.
  • Find out how long the service provider had been in the business: before you employ them. The long-standing ones have more experience and are more reliable.

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